The good behavior

El a’dab, this term encompasses in a very broad sense the good practices, the good manners, the rules of decorum, the good behavior towards the others. In a way, this is the very stuff of Sufism. Indeed, the Way proposes to educate, to develop people, to bring them out in a certain way from obscurity, from uncertainty into the light of good manners.

God, the Most High said: "O you believers, protect yourselves and your families against hell ..." ATTAHRIM - 6 - Ibn Abbas comments and interprets this verse in this way: "that means, educate them and teach them the rules of good manners - el a'dab -, you will save them hell ”.

It has been narrated from the Prophet - peace and salvation be upon him - "No father has begotten a better child than an excellent education. He also said, "God educated me and, he perfected my education."

This education is specific to the prophet Mohammad - peace and salvation be upon him - it is specific to him within the assembly of the prophets; this, even if all the prophets without exception were educated by God the most high. Ibn Al Mubarak - may God have mercy on him - said, “We need a little education (good manners) more than a lot of science. "

Once you have taken the first step, consisting in the choice and the company of the Mohammadian heir: the sheikh. The educator authorized to practice this educational act of improving and elevating to the stations of Perfect Men. This educator who united the Chariâa (the dogma) to the Haqiqa (the truth). In this context, the sincere faqir must adopt and adorn certain positive aspects in his guiding behavior in order to achieve his goal. The people of God or great masters (ahl Allah) are all unanimous in saying that he who does not have good manners, has no path and therefore has no goal to achieve. But he who adopts good manners quickly arrives at the quality and station of true men.


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