Welcome to this blessed Zawiya, during this blessed time and in the company of the blessed ones,

Ladies and Gentlemen, scholars and researchers,


Dear disciples in search of the light of the prophet (saw),

You are not guests here. This is your home.

Our Blessed Tariqa is a Sufi school focused on the education of souls and the realization of noble behavior. Our grandfather Sidi Hamza, may Allah sanctify his secret, dedicated his life and spared no effort to preserve and revive the spiritual Muhammadian heritage of which he was a depository. Our father, may Allah protect him, today carries this deposit with the same concern to benefit all humanity. Since being called to this position of supreme guidance, the Tariqa has experienced an undeniable growth all over the world attesting to its secrecy and the authentic authorization it holds.

With this Divine authorization, our Master instituted the Machyakha of the Tariqa (the Council of the Tariqa). He thus gave to this council, which existed informally during the time of Sidi Hamza, a name, orientations and functions falling within the framework of the organization and the functioning of the Tariqa in Morocco and abroad:

  1. An organization was created, integrating the Zawiya councils in the different cities, the inspection committee and the disciples. This organization aims to root the culture of consultation and collective work, while ensuring respect for the fundamentals of the Tariqa as they are known to all. Our father, may Allah be pleased with him, has been very clear about the aims of this organization, which is aimed only at the service of the Tariqa. The foqara must pursue this goal in a disinterested manner and far from any desire for power. They will find in the dhikr, guidance and love for our Master the resources to work accordingly. To this end, our Master, may Allah be pleased with him, has a reference document prepared. He has also published a booklet containing invocations with his authorization and which has been sent to all concerned officials. 
  2. We have activated the activities of the scientific council with the constitution of specialized working groups to which different missions have been entrusted such as research, publishing, organization of conferences and training programs inside the mother Zawiya of Madagh and inside other Zawiyas. Finally, a new version of the digital portal of the Tariqa should be available soon.


The Tariqa Qadiriya Boutchichia pays particular attention to science and education. The content of this teaching aims at rooting the values of moderation, just like those of love and beauty. To achieve this goal, the Tariqa has developed different approaches:

  1. The educational approach:

Rooting the doctrine of "Ahl sunah walJama'ah" in the minds and hearts:

We consider that this doctrine based on the example of the Prophet, as it is explained in the prophetic tradition, is the cement of the unity of the Moroccans and the Sunni Muslim world. lt is in this sense that the Tariqa gives pride of place to the reading and teaching of books like Sahih Al Bukhari, Nour Al Yaqin, Kitab Ach-chifa and Rijaloune Hawla Ar-Rassul.

Learning and teaching the essentials in the religious sciences according to lbn Achir:

We believe that by perpetuating this tradition, the Tariqa contributes to the protection of the religious identity of our country and its extension in sub-Saharan Africa. We should remember that this identity is based on jurisprudence according to the Maliki School as summarized in the Rissala of Abu Zayd El Keraouani, on the Acharite doctrine and on the Sufi path according to lmam AlJunayd.

  1. The approach to training:

It consists of organizing different training cycles:

- Specialized cycles to bring scientific, methodological and communication skills

- Cycles aimed at raising civic awareness around current major issues such as development, ecology and solidarity

- Conference cycles and regular scientific meetings to deal with contemporary issues at the local, regional or global level

- Dedicated digital cycles to support the rapid development in this field

- Creation of a library dedicated to the documentation and research bearing the name of our Master Sidi Hamza, may Allah sanctify his secret, who was attached to science and who loved scholars. A call for donations of books and manuscripts for the benefit of this library has been launched.

Our Tariqa pays special attention to young people and children. Adapted programs have been developed to support their intellectual development. These programs aim to protect them from anything that can affect their mental or psychological health and to immunize them against the dangers of drugs, violence, crime or extremism. The summer camps organized in Madagh, Mohammedia and Tiznit in August are part of this objective.

Our Tariqa has enjoyed, through the performance of our national Samaa ensemble, an undeniable artistic influence that has become an inspiration for many groups on an international scale. The Machyakha has organized many tours in Morocco and abroad and they have all been very successful. 

The month of August is now devoted to the "summer University", aiming at the training and personal development of the disciples, on a spiritual, civic, and scientific level. The ecoZaouia project, is one example among others, illustrating the involvement of various skills coming from Morocco and beyond in an ambitious project of training and qualification, aimed at a public that's engaged in various fields. We can observe a renewal in the roles played by our ancestors and their involvement in the social and educational fields.

The actions carried out as part of the Mawlid celebration reflect our global approach. The "Solidarity Village", which receives special attention from His Majesty Mohammed Vl, is a beautiful illustration of the complementarity between the spiritual, ethical, scientific, intellectual, economic, social and ecological dimensions. The "Citizen University" and “the Muslim Conferences of Ecology" testify just as much this multidimensional vision. Finally, let's note that the World Symposium of Sufism has become a true institution with an international dimension, capable of attracting international specialists known around the world.

  1. Global Achievements:

The worldwide development of the Tariqa is known to all, as well as its growing involvement across the intellectual, cultural and social fields. Wherever it is present, its role in spreading the values of peace and love and its call to reject hatred, extremism and exclusion are recognized and appreciated.

The Tariqa has developed religious guidance programs to promote togetherness and mutual knowledge, addressing young people from immigrant backgrounds or interested an Islam of moderation. As it has done for a long time in Morocco, the Tariqa spares no effort to strengthen family ties and preserve the social fabric by taking part in social activities and in everything that contributes to cohesion, solidarity and the promotion of peace and of love.

Some examples include our commitment to the "Eid Charity" project in partnership with "Waqf Dubai" and our contribution to the creation of an independent council dedicated to lslamic finance: CIFIE.

ln accordance with the directives of His Majesty Mohammed Vl calling for the fight against extremism and the destructive currents of takfir and exclusion, our Tariqa is fully committed, alongside other Sufi Turuq around the world, to common actions and projects for the maintenance of spiritual peace, through the promotion of lslam's values of beauty and moderation.

The Tariqa is also very active in different pedagogic activities, aiming to correct the image of lslam caricatured by lslamophobic currents. Young professionals trained by the Tariqa in Europe and abroad regularly organize workshops and conferences particularly adapted to the Western context and reflecting the desire to become ambassadors of the universal values of love and mercy that are at the heart of the lslamic tradition. The organization of the lnternational Forum for Associations and Muslims of Europe and the World is an example among others of our will to create bridges for dialogue and communication with the other with wisdom and respect.

Madagh November 21st, 2018