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In the Name of God, the Beneficent, the Merciful

Prayer and blessings on our Master Mohammad, the most noble of Prophets and the best of men, as well as on his family, his blessed companions and all of whom who have followed the path of excellence he has traced.

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A better living together

How could Sufism contribute to a better living together in the Western world?

Firstly, what is Sufism?

Definition of Sufism depends upon the angle through which you look at it: 
If one perceives Sufism as a tradition that takes the guise of tariqas or brotherhood organized around a spiritual master and dedicated to spiritual practices, one could say that it started in the context of the Islamic tradition.

Sufism and Globalization

The Importance of Sufism in an Era of Globalisation

Sidi Mounir Qadiri Boutchich was born in Morocco. He grew up in the family of the Qadiri Boutchich and his earliest education was obtained from this Pure source. He graduated from Oujda University in Literary Science in 1994, and completed his Degree in Law at the Dar al Hassania Institute, Rabat, in 1996.


Words of the Machyakha

Words of the Machyakha

Dr. Moulay Mounir ElQadiri Boutchich

ln the Name of God, the Beneficent and the Merciful,

Prayer and blessings on our Master Mohammad,

Welcome to those who carry the love of the prophet (saw) in their hearts,

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