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In the Name of God, the Beneficent, the Merciful

Prayer and blessings on our Master Mohammad, the most noble of Prophets and the best of men, as well as on his family, his blessed companions and all of whom who have followed the path of excellence he has traced.

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Dear disciples aspiring for God,

Ladies and gentlemen, scholars and academics who honor us with their participation at the World Symposium of Sufism,

Ladies and Gentlemen who show their love for the People of God with their presence,

It is with great joy that we welcome all those who have come to this blessed Zawiya to share with us the celebration of the birth of the best of men, the beloved of the Lord of the Worlds, intercessor for his community and mercy sent by God to all creatures.

Allah said about Him, "We sent you only as a mercy to the worlds," and in another verse, "Say, of the Grace of God and his Mercy; that is what they should be happy about. It is much better than what they amass" (Surah 10, Verse 58).

These verses are sufficiently clear and explicit regarding the Islamic foundation of the Mawlid celebration, so how can Muslims celebrate the birth of a newborn and not celebrate the birth of the one who is the greatest and most sublime manifestation of God's Mercy?

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It is known to all that our Tariqa is based on the invocation and good orientation towards God, as it is also based on the love of the Prophet (saw). The celebration of Mawlid is first of all an important moment for us to stimulate love, to elevate aspirations and to root the love of the Prophet (saw) within hearts. This celebration is also an opportunity to encourage us to follow the example of the Prophet (saw) and show our attachment to the Prophetic tradition (Sunnah). We do this through the reading of the great references of this tradition, as well as the books on the Prophet's Sirah (saw) and his blessed companions. We do it also by reciting the many prayers on the Prophet we have authorized and the chants dedicated to his eulogy.

Our religion, which clearly calls for mutual understanding and coexistence, also calls for the love of all human beings regardless of religion, skin color and ethnicity, This year's Mawlid celebration is a reminder of these basic teachings as they are found in the Prophet's Sirah (saw) and the Holy Quran, The ethnic, linguistic and cultural diversity of participants during this celebration and symposium is an illustration of our commitment to these teachings. Our father Sidi Hamza, may Allah sanctify his secret, said on this subject: "Our Tariqa is a Universal Tariqa". 

Dear brothers and sisters, disciples of this blessed Tariqa, increase your efforts in spreading this Grace. Know that our incentive to strive on this path is motivated only by the spread of good and mercy, the promotion of gentleness and the values of moderation, and the prevention from all forms of extremism and terrorism. In doing so, we follow the example of the Prophet (saw) and the guidance of the Holy Quran:

"lt is by some mercy from Allah that you have been so kind to them! But if you were rough, hard-hearted, they would have fled from your surroundings" (The Imran Family, 159).

"Protected from the fire (of hell) is one who is gentle, easy to live with and close to (people)" [Hadith).

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We take this opportunity to remind you of the fundamentals of our Tariqa:

- Communication of the Tariqa (Nachr): First of all I remind you of the importance we attach to the meetings organized for the communication of the Tariqa (Nachr). I urge you to be diligent and invite the new Murids to know the Tariqa and its objectives. Our Tariqa can only be discovered through spiritual taste, fruit of the authorized dhikr through a relationship of companionship. Don't we say: "who has tasted, surely knows" and isn't companionship a Quranic injunction that is most explicit?

"Fear Allah and be with the truthful ones" (Surah 9, Verse 119). Sohrawardi says on this subject: "Be with God! To be with Him, be with the one who is with God."

- Companionship (Suhba): Companionship is an obligation for those who want to make their way towards God. Must we remember that the relationship of the first Muslims (sahabas) to the Prophet (saw) was a relation of companionship?

I urge the disciples to come to gatherings with their children so that they may grow up in the Tariqa and benefit from its enlightenment and its benefits. Our time is characterized by chaos and unrest. Not keeping children safe from these troubles can be very unfortunate. Allah tells us about this: "Then save yourself to God" Surah 50, Verse 51.

- Abundant Invocation (Dhikr): I will never tire of telling you that the secret of the Tariqa lies in the abundant invocation according to Verse 47 of Surah 33: "0 you who believe, call on Allah in an abundant way".

Doesn't the prophetic tradition compare the invocator with the living and the careless with the dead? Invoking is the way to shelter from carelessness, source of evil, and to keep the flame burning in one's heart in order to fight against the suggestions of the nafs, such as doubt and judgment.

- The Visit of the Master (Ziyara): The ziyara is an opportunity for the disciple to make provisions on this long and difficult Path. Allah says on this subject: "And take your provisions; but truly the best provision is piety "[Surah 2, Verse 197). He will draw from it the spiritual energy that is essential for diligence in dhikr gatherings, as well as veneration and respect for spiritual conventions (adab).

- Giving in the Way of Allah (Nafaqa): As you know, Nafaqa is the means by which the faqir purifies his heart (tazkiyah). It is also the means for the Tariqa to function and to realize its projects. Sidna Abu Bakr (may Allah be pleased with him) is an example for all of us.

Allah tells us about this: "You will only attain true piety if you make generous of what you cherish" [Surah 3, Verse 92).

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I do not fail to thank all foqaras and faqirates for their efforts in the service of the Path. I also thank the Machyakha (Tariqa Council) and ask the disciples and the leaders of the Tariqa, in Morocco and abroad, to ask for its authorization and to respect its decisions.

Any personal initiative must be approved by the Machiyakha and the scientific council of Tariqa. I draw particular attention to the publication, on behalf of the Tariqa, of photos and videos; as well as the creation on its behalf of groups on social media.

As you know, the World Symposium of Sufism has become a world-class institution that works to promote global citizenship and promote common and universal values. I pray that Allah reward our approved son, Dr. Moulay Mounir, for his efforts, patience and sacrifices; not to mention all those who work with him for the success of this scientific endeavor and for the success of the "Solidarity Village", which benefits from the support and approval of His Majesty Mohammed VI, Amir Al-Mouminine.

Finally, I implore Allah to preserve His Majesty Amir al-Muminin and surround him with His Protection. May He grant him health and long life. We also implore Him to preserve our country from troubles and to fulfill His benefits. Let Him put out the fire of wars and conflicts and extend His peace to the lands of Islam and all over the world.

Praise to God

Madagh, November 21st, 2018


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