Behavior with the Shaykh

Good interior manners:

1. Obedience to the master: it must be achieved in all areas, especially in listening to his advice

2. Non-opposition to the educational form advocated by the shaykh, the opposition breaks the spiritual relationship of the heart, which it maintains with its Master, and destroys the blessings and benefits that flow from it. The Gnostics said that "he who says to his shaykh" Why? », This one will achieve nothing. "

3. He must have high regard for his Master and his integrity, his ability to educate and lead, this is the Tâadhim

4. You must be sincere in your relationship with your master, devoid of any interest or preconceived ideas.

5. The faqir must love his sheikh with sincere love, both in deed and in word. This love must evolve, grow, magnify itself in proportion to the development of the faqir's personality, of his adhesion to his sheikh. Every time his membership increases, his love increases.

6. One should avoid looking in other directions, so that the heart does not scatter among several masters. This can be compared to the patient who refers to several doctors at the same time for the same pathology; he thus falls into perplexity and indecision.

Good exterior manners

1. The faqir must be in total agreement with his Master, when he advises to do something or advises against it.

2. He must be respectful in his presence, silent and calm, behave well, without yawning, without leaning against something or falling asleep, laughing for no reason, raising his voice above him, speaking without authorization or for say nothing.

3. Rush to serve him as much as possible.

4. Attend its meetings as often as possible, assiduously, and if the teacher lives in a distant country, visit him regularly according to his possibilities and means.

5. Be patient with the educational methods and guidelines it establishes, show endurance in cases of severity.

6. One should not relate the words of the Sheikh to people who are not able to understand them, so as not to prejudice his Sheikh and oneself. Sidna Ali - may God be pleased with her - said: "Speak to people according to their ability to understand, would you like to make God and his Prophet lie? "


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